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We are here to solve all your problems.

We know you, as a customer, are looking for high qualified professionals who can handle your projects. On the other hand, we also understand you, as a professional, need more customers.

This is the reason we came up with this exciting idea to create something exceptional where you both can find each other. This is how Casa Advisor was born!

We have helped hundreds (even thousands) of people with their projects and we are dedicated to reshaping the economy. We love to change lives, and this is the reason we have the spirit to make that happen!

Our experts have proudly served a variety of needs. Our professionals are familiar with the work-policies and can provide service to and from wherever you might need. We gladly offer our services for a variety of projects including home projects, corporate work, DJ, painting and much more.

With a simple project request, our experts can provide reasonable rates and simple reservations so you can sit back and relax. Our primary concern is your satisfaction, and that is provided through quality and excellent service.

In case there’s any question, you can always get in touch with us and we’ll make sure all your questions are answered properly.

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Our Vision

With excellent staff, we can and will gladly provide a memorable experience to do far more than simply completing your projects.

Our experts are the absolute best in the industry. Similarly, if you are an expert, you can get access to a number of projects – securing new deals and customers and grow your business by offering exceptional services to our customers.

Meet Our Team

Christina Phil (Marketing Manager)
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Casa member 2
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CasaAdvisor Member 3
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Kana ( Expert Zend Framework, Php Developer)
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Sourav Roy ( Web & Mobile App Developer )
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Remember, we are here to solve your issues!

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