How It Works

How Does Casa Advisor Works

Service Provider


  • Get Anything Done... Anytime!
  • Want to remodel your home? Need a reliable dog-sitter? Looking for a creative DJ for your wedding? We've got you covered!
  • You just need to inform us your requirements and our experts will get back to you with their reliable services. All you have to do is compare and choose the one perfect for your needs. As simple as that!

How do we work?

We let you hire experts!

  • Just answer a few questions, discuss your requirements and we will share those details with our qualified experts ready to handle that job for you!
  • We care about your privacy and your details will be kept confidential.


  • In just a few hours, a lot of professionals will start sending you quotes with their estimate, customized messages, reviews, contact etc.

Finally, Hire The One You Need!

  • You can even call or send messages to professionals in case you have any question. After evaluating everything, you can hire experts for a price that is perfect for you!
  • Isn’t it as easy as pie? We work hard to make sure everything goes well and you get the best expert at your disposal. Your satisfaction is our priority!
  • We do the legwork for you - by sending customer requests and you need to choose when to quote!
  • If you are looking for new customers to grow your business, let us help! The process is incredibly easy: we get a lot of requests from our customers and we will be sending all their details to you (for free) and if you think you are right choice for their project, feel free to respond them with your best quote and discuss project requirements with customers.

How do we work?

You receive customer requests from us

  • A lot of customers visit our website to hire experts to get their projects done.
  • They submit all their requirements
  • We review their requests to make sure it is legitimate.

You have the right to choose!

  • We will be sending the requests straight to your email or mobile phone.
  • In case you are interested in completing the project, just respond by sending us an email.

Send a quote

  • Feel free to include a personal message with your quote.
  • We will send all your profile details (including customer reviews, past works, contact information etc) to our customer with your quote as well.
  • You will be paying only when you send quote with Casa Advisor credits.

Get ready to complete the project!

  • About 2-3 other experts may also respond to the customer request. The customer will compare the quotes and other factors and finally decide to choose one expert.
  • You can contact your customer to share details via Casa Advisor, email or in person.
  • If you get hired, please inform us so that we can improve your chances of getting new customers.

Is there any way to get hired?

Make a great first impression

It all depends on your first message. Remember, first impression is the key and you need to make a great contact. Try to discuss all the pain-points and explain how you will be solving those issues. Pay attention to minute details such as addressing customer by name, writing professional messages etc.

Give an estimate

Customers loves to hire people who provides them with a quote. It doesn't have to be a final number, but you can give them some basic ideas.

Get reviews

People hire those who have good rating so make sure you provide exceptional services and get great reviews from your customers.

Don't give up!

It might take some time to get hired. (Sometimes it may take up to 10 tries to get your first customer, but don't give up!). Keep trying and you will definitely get many customers.

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